Myths and Concerns associated with Blockchain

There are many myths related to blockchain and its components which have created an atmosphere of ambiguity amongst the users. Many people are under the impression that the concept of blockchain is like internet i.e one big or parent blockchain exists and everything is connected to it. In reality, different blockchains are made for different purpose. Blockchain can be public (Bitcoin, Ethereum) which allow open participation, semi open blockchain that allow selective participation (Ripple) and

Why your brand is the most important thing you own as a business or company

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” - Walter Landor It is virtually impossible to own a business or company without a brand. Brand helps consumers make a choice and pick a particular product or service over the other options available. Hence, whether you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey or you own a well-established business, your brand is the most important thing that you own.

What are the most important unsolved problems in blockchain?

What are the most important unsolved problems in blockchain? There is also a cloud of enigma about legal and just use of blockchain technology and many concerns are associated with it. As at the moment, there aren’t any common protocols or standards, users tend to use their individual technology stacks and back office systems. The security of transaction may be compromised as due to the varied level of encryption. The FCA Business Plan for 2016/17 has mentioned in its chapter on the Risk Outl

How do ICO go about growth hacking?

How do ICO go about growth hacking? An effective marketing strategy can work wonders for any business and crypto business is no exception. Ever since inception and huge success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, crypto entrepreneurs are keen to make the most of the crypto revolution and gain profit. The estimated number of cryptocurrencies is about 1600 and the number keeps growing. Outdated marketing tactics like email campaigning don’t work much in crypto marketing. The emails usually land in

_Grammarly_ A Holy Grail for Writers (1).docx

Grammarly: A Holy Grail for Writers An indispensable job of a content writer is to proofread the content they write to ensure there are no grammatical or syntactic errors. Although it may sound easy, it's troublesome considering the expansive horizons of language. On a basic level, one can check and correct errors themselves. But, those engaged in writing frequently require a much more reliable proofreading alternative. So, what’s the solution? Grammarly!

Solid Digital_ The Best Companion for Digital Marketing to Boost Your Business Prospects.docx

There are plenty of agencies operating in the Portland and Chicago region, and those entities offer various digital media services. However, Solid Digital is always a step ahead of the competitors. It provides comprehensive digital media marketing services for a wide range of customers. Read on to find out why you should choose it over the other options for any kind of digital marketing needs.

Do you think cryptocurrency is the money of the future?

Do you think cryptocurrency is the money of the future? You don’t have to go to a tarot reader to know the future of cryptocurrency. Since their inception in 2009 till date, cryptocurrencies have evolved a lot. They have changed the way we invest, trade and do business. They started as a digital payment form and are taking up new roles. The future of cryptocurrency is looking good in general. It is impossible to store digital currencies centrally. No authority owns or regulates them. Coins are

How Crypto Payments Have Revolutionized The World Of Finance?

With the invention of Blockchain technology back in the year 2008, the world of finance has been revolutionized with different online payment methods especially with the advent of Crypto Payments. Crypto Payments comes with an array of varied features such as transparency, decentralization, and immutability which makes it beneficial for business sectors and domains around the world. Among the many industries, one such sector which has leveraged the maximum out of Blockchain technology in the ba

Rise Of Crypto As Payment Currency

The year 2009 brought in a new radical approach to making payments. The world witnessed the foundation of a one of a kind decentralized peer-to-peer payment system- “Bitcoin”. It outraged the creation of a set of novel and thriving payment services collectively termed as “Cryptocurrencies”. With the rise of Crypto As a trending Payment Currency; could this be the chief mode of payment for goods and services among businesses in today’s 21st century? Cryptocurrencies if described in a layman’s l

How is the Central Bank Digital Currency going to revolutionize the Online Payment System?

Finest economists of the world have explained Central Bank Digital Currency as a mode of digital currency that serves- As a great alternative source to be used more broadly than reserves It gives a perspective of greater functionality for retail transactions than cash CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is supposedly operated with a split operational structure to other forms of Central Bank money. Hence facilitating to serve as a different core purpose CBDC cab at some point also is interes

KoreTrak Smart Fitness Tracking Activity Health Watch Review

Fitness trackers are a great digital tool and a gadget that helps monitor your daily physical activities and progress to help you attain your health and fitness goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, training for a sports competition, or increasing your muscle strength, you need a fitness tracker to monitor and get your body where it needs to be. Using a reliable fitness tracker will ensure you are monitoring your progress correctly. A fitness tracker has features that will help you wit

What Industries Can Leverage Stable Coins?

The United Nations have recognized the use of 180 currencies across the world, right from the European euros to the US dollar to the Saudi dinars and many more. And all over the world these currencies are used to buy goods and services. Regardless of stock market fluctuations, inflation, or any other global factors, these currencies don’t change much in their value and are subject to minor little changes on a recurring basis. This has been a trading trend for a long time which facilitates econo

Why Small Businesses Must Adopt Crypto Payments In 2020?

Today many businesses have implemented the latest technology of crypto payments as a great way to stand apart from other businesses in the marketplace. Although there have been different viewpoints among masses that surround the use of cryptocurrency, despite which many businesses have embraced cryptocurrencies for example Bitcoin for transactions. Right from online retailers to service providers and even many government agencies have all become ‘crypto equipped’. There are over 5000 plus crypt
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